“Human” Appearances of God in the Old Testament

So far in my posts on Christology I have talked a bit about pagan views of the divine realm and its relationship to the human. I have a lot more to say about that – in particular with the various ways that humans could be thought of as in some sense divine in the pagan world. But more than a few people have asked me what any of this has to do with Christianity since obviously the original followers of Jesus were Jewish, not Gentile, and their views of divinity in relationship to humanity would have been guided by Jewish traditions, such as those of the Old Testament.

Fair enough! So before going any further, I thought I should make some posts about divinity in relationship to humanity in the Christian Old Testament.

The first thing to stress is that even though parts of the Old Testament portray God as the ALMIGHTY GOD who is UNLIKE ANYTHING human, other parts portray him very differently, as, in fact, a kind of super human. You get that especially in the early stories of Genesis, such as the second “creation” account of Genesis 2 and, especially, the story of the Garden of Eden in Genesis 3, where God ….

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