All Proceeds Support Charities fighting Poverty, Hunger, and Homelessness.


It is hard to believe that we still – in our day and age – live in a world that continues to suffer from hunger, when there is, technically speaking, enough food available on our planet to make all of us, not just us Midwesterners, need to diet. As it is, we live in a world where every five seconds a child – an innocent child – dies of starvation. A portion of every donation to the CIA: The Bart Ehrman Blog goes to fighting poverty and the causes of hunger, abroad and especially at home.


Homelessness on both the international and (harder to believe) national levels continues, in some places, to be in epic proportions. Although estimates vary, some estimates indicate that between 100 million and 150 million children worldwide live independently on the streets. Many of the problems, of course, are political, many of them are individual/psychological, and many of them are just plain economical. Contributions to the CIA: The Bart Ehrman Blog goes to organizations committed to fighting homelessness through providing housing for those in need and through eliminating the root causes of the problem.