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Christianity from a scholarly, non-sectarian perspective.
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The Bart Ehrman Blog: The History & Literature of Early Christianity is committed to exploring the most interesting and important aspects of the New Testament and early Christianity with  readers who are not scholars in the field.   No religious affiliation or educational background is required; the blog is open to everyone who is interested.  Posts are written in accessible and easy-to-understand terms.  Your entire membership fee – 100% – goes directly to charities helping those in need.

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Here are some of the topics regularly discussed on the blog:

— The Historical Jesus
— The Gnostic Gospels
— How We Got the Bible
— The Life and Writings of Paul
— Persecutions of Early Christians
— The Revelation of John
— Who Wrote the Gospels?

— Heaven and Hell
— Sex and Sexuality in the Bible
— Judaism in Jesus’ Day
— Forgery in Antiquity
— Did Jesus Even Exist?
— The Hebrew Bible
— Women in Early Christianity

— Greco-Roman Religions and Culture
— History of Biblical Scholarship
— Early Christian Heresies
— Christian Apocrypha
— Proto-Orthodox Writers
— Jews and Christians in Antiquity
— Manuscripts of the New Testament

If you want the most current scholarship on the New Testament and Early Christianity from a bona fide expert in a style all of us can understand, without a religious axe to grind, this is your blog for learning, for sure. All the fees are for charity; your brain and hungry people both get fed. Win-win!

Dallas Wolf, - Member

I am a student of Divinity in London, U.K. and have been a member since the blog started and will continue to subscribe for the forseeable future. If you are interested in the exploring the New testament from its historical and scholarly perspective then joining this blog will be a euphoric moment.

Sam Chahal, - Member

Bart demonstrates on his blog day after day that a “respectful unbeliever” can win the loyalty of friends and win over believers as both groups seek to learn as much as can be learned about Christianity’s origins, its stories, and its beliefs in a forum that values evidence and reasoning above all else

LWH, - Member

I have studied the history of the New Testament and early Christianity since 1972. Dr. Ehrman sticks to the scholarly facts while responding in an easy to understand style with his trademark wit. His insight and recommendations have helped me more than any scholar I have read – and he is live here!

Joshua Gordon, - Member

I decided to sign up for Dr. Ehrman’s blog after attending one of his all-day talks at the Smithsonian. His posts are wide-ranging and he responds quickly, politely, and effectively to questions raised by readers. This is money well spent! The blog is like being back in school less the homework.

Magmack, - Member

Regardless of whether you take every penned word of the New Testament as the literal truth, or take a more skeptical view as to what it has to say to us, you’ll find that in his blog Bart Ehrman offers a great deal of interest his knowledge of the New Testament, of other Christian documents of the time.

James Chalmers, - Member

Prof. Ehrman has an unimpeachable reputation for debunking Biblical texts in the context of what can reliably be deduced about the early centuries of Christianity. The blog provides in plain English, a substantial daily update of his cutting-edge investigation of the available documentary evidence.

Michael Burgess, - Member

I have read many of Dr. Erhman’s books. I am delighted to have another source of information about his views in a personal format. I appreciate the historical approach he takes about the history of Christianity rather than a theological one. Join the blog and enjoy the satisfaction of even more.

Magpie, - Member

As one of the blogs founding Christian members, I absolutely love the blog. There is no where on the internet where you can find historical scholarship posts at such a low annual fee with posts and comments every day. Members also have access to all the past posts, additional comments, and more!

Brad Billips, - Member

This blog is the future of scholarship. I sincerely hope that Dr. Ehrman places pressure on other scholars to be as honest and willing to defend their positions as he is. With the reading of every new post, I become more and more keenly aware of what true scholarship really is. Thank you Dr. Ehrman!

Alihaymeg, - Member

After many years of Sunday school and sermons, I have found enlightenment in Bart Ehrman’s books & blog! For a small contribution to charity, I gained access to interesting, informative lessons, stories, and comments on early Christianity from one of the best-selling scholars in the field.

DebbyMo, - Member
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