Did Jesus and Mary Magdalene have an affair?

Now that I’ve mentioned the Gospel of Philip, I can’t help but repost a blog from a few years ago, dealing with one of the most intriguing, not to say titillating, passages from this otherwise somewhat obscure Valentinian Gospel.

My original post on the topic was in a thread that was discussing whether Jesus was celibate or not, and I argued that the modern idea that he and Mary were intimately involved is … a modern idea (without any foundation other than wild imagination and wishful thinking )

A number of readers responded to my post by pointing out that the non-canonical Gospel of Philip sure does seem to *say* they were intimate!   So, what do I have to say about that?

I have a reasonably full discussion of the relevant issues in my book Peter, Paul, and Mary Magdalene.   In the book I put the discussion in the context of – yes, you guessed it —  Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, the one source many people turn to for the Gospel of Philip (!).  Few people who talk about the relevant passage have actually read the Gospel itself.  It strikes many readers today as unusually strange.  But in any event, this is what I say about the book and the Kissing Passage there.  (I also say a few things about the Gospel of Philip in general, and repeat them here since, well, repetition is good pedagogy!)

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