Hey Bart, I know you studied under Bruce Metzger and my question is how did he feel about your skepticism toward the trustworthiness of the N.T?



Bruce Metzger and I had a long and very close relationship.  I was his student for seven years and his research assistant for the New Revised Standard Version (he was the chair of the translation committee) for a couple of years.  He directed my masters and PhD theses; he helped me break into publishing; he worked to get me into editorial positions for journals and monograph series; he guided my research until I struck out on my own.  I dare say I was closer to him than any student that he had in his four decades of teaching at Princeton Theological Seminary.   He became a kind of father figure for me.   He was a great New Testament scholar and a great man.

I first heard of Bruce Metzger when I was in college studying Greek.  My Greek professor at Wheaton, Gerald Hawthorne, knew that I was interested in studying the Greek manuscript tradition of the New Testament, and he told me that if I wanted to study with the world expert, I should apply to Princeton Theological Seminary for my graduate work and study with Bruce Metzger, who had taught there for his entire career.

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Bruce Metzger is the author of several books including The Early Versions of the New Testament and The Text of the New Testament: Its Transmission, Corruption, And Restoration.