OK, this really is my last post on O’Reilly’s Killing Jesus.   It’s not much of one!   But today is the day I normally take “off” from the blog.  Monday’s are my day from hell:  a three-hour undergraduate seminar (“Jesus in Scholarship and Film”) in the morning (today: students compared all the accounts of Jesus’ Passion in the four Gospels, seeing if there were any differences they thought were irreconcilable; we discussed it all; and then we watched four movie clips – Passion scenes from the 1925 silent Ben Hur; the 1959 Ben Hur; the Greatest Story Ever Told; and the 1977 Zephirelli Jesus of Nazareth – in order to see how directors chose what to include, what to exclude, what to do when different Gospels relate different stories, that sometimes really can’t be easily reconciled, etc.   Great stuff) and then a three hour seminar (“Early Christian Apocrypha”) in the afternoon (today: The Coptic Gospel of Thomas – -when was it written? Where? In what language?  Is it dependent on the NT Gospels?  Is it Gnostic?  What are its central themes?  Can it be interpreted without bringing an interpretation – gnostic, ascetic, Jewish mystical, etc. – to it, or not?  Etc. Etc.)  In between the two: meeting with a grad student, lunch with two others, and sundry other things.

So, tonight is Martini-and-Cigar night!

Anyway, a member of the blog provided the following link to Colbert’s discussion of O’Reilly.   It’s absolutely terrific – as you’d expect!