I’m curious to know of future projects you have in mind after you complete your commentary on 2nd century gospels.


As I’ve indicated on this blog before, I try to alternate the kinds of books I write.  Most scholars don’t do it that way.  I have friends – my closest friends in the field, in fact – who want only to do scholarship and nothing else, and so they write scholarly monograph after scholarly monograph.  This is an enormous service to the academic community, as it is only through work like that that we are able to advance knowledge.

I know of other people who want only to write for popular audiences.   And it is easy to see how someone can get “bit by the bug” and want to do nothing else.   Some popular authors make a lot of money from their books, they get asked to give lectures in front of large audiences, they get their names in the media, and it’s all very seductive.


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