As many of you know, thanks to a couple of generous donors, I was able to give out some free memberships to people who very much wanted to be on the blog but because of personal circumstances, could not afford the membership fees.   I put out the offer on my facebook page, and within twenty minutes I had thirty requests –all from people who were eager to join but simply did not have the means to do so otherwise.  I had to shut down the offer nearly as soon as I made it.   This has made me suspect that there are a lot more people out there like that.

And so an idea has hit me.   Why not do more of the same?  Would any of you be willing to donate one or more memberships during this holiday season?   Each new (year-long) membership would cost $24.95 – so let’s just say $25.      You could donate to the blog any increment of $25 that you want – so if you want to give one membership, it would be $25; two $50; four $100; twenty $500; 2153, $53,825.  You get the idea.

This would be a win-win-win situation.   You would be giving a tax-free end-of-the-year donation to the foundation (win for you); every penny would go to charities fighting hunger and homelessness (win for them); and each membership would go as a very nice present at this giving time of year (a win for each and every one).

If you are interested in participating in this membership gift program, you need to do two very simple things:  (1) send me an email (do NOT comment here, on the blog) at [email protected] indicating your intention to make a donation and specifying  how many memberships you would like to donate; and (2) make the donation on the blog (just click on the “Donate” tab).   I will be collecting these donations for two days, until December 22, so that I can then know how many memberships I can give out – all to happen before Christmas.

Many many thanks to those who have already made donations, and for all who are willing to do so now.