This is the second installment of the thread.  For those who didn’t read the first installment from yesterday’s post, I repeat the introduction I gave to it there (though this post will make better sense if you read that one first):


Several people have asked about the book I’m working on this term, How Jesus Became God, in particular in relation to what I mentioned in my earlier post, how I’ve learned a lot doing my research and changed my views on important issues related to the  book.  Explaining all that is a bit complicated, and I thought one good way to do it would be to show what I had *originally* planned to do with this book when I first proposed it to a publisher maybe seven or eight years ago, and then explain how the book now will be different, both in the way I’ll set it up and in what I think now about the topic.

So for this post and the next two I will reproduce my original book proposal.  REALIZE, please, that this is what I was ORIGINALLY planning.  In lots of ways it still makes sense, but I’ve changed it now, and to make sense of the changes, you have to see what the original looked like.  So here’s part 2 of the original proposal:


The present book will build on the foundation of this earlier study (Jesus: Apocalyptic Prophet of the New Millennium) by asking how Jesus the apocalyptic prophet of God came to be seen and worshiped as God himself — God of God and Lord of Lords.  My first tack will involve looking at a range of conceptualities of Jesus that can be firmly located to the time of his ministry, and to show how each one of them came to be transmogrified in such a way as to predicate some notion of divinity to Jesus himself.

This section of the book will involve discussing five converging paths that led to the idea that Jesus was himself divine:


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