I mentioned that the first edition of the Loeb Apostolic Fathers was done by Kirsopp Lake and that I think he was a great scholar and that it was a great edition.  I’ve always looked up to him, as a brilliant scholar of an earlier generation with very many interests closely parallel to mine.   Our backgrounds could not be more different.  He grew up in England and went to Oxford; I grew up in Kansas and went to Moody Bible Institute.  J

Born in 1872, as a young man Lake experienced a serious illness that affected his health for life, and that at the time kept him from pursuing the rigors of the legal profession (he wanted to practice law).  His physicians evidently thought that the study of theology would be a tame enough pursuit for his frail frame, and he took his degree from Lincoln College, Oxford.   Lake was musically inclined — as a young curate in Durham England he conducted the Mikado — and was early in his career concerned principally with modern social problems; his first book, which remained unpublished, was on the London Dock Strike.  He is best known to most scholars today for his work in New Testament studies, especially for his extensive, significant, and sometimes ground breaking  publications on Greek palaeography and NT textual criticism.

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