I wrote chapter 7 of How Jesus Became God today, and started with this anecdote that will sound somewhat familiar to those who know my story….


I first began to have serious doubts about my faith when I was in graduate school. After I had graduated from Moody Bible Institute I had gone off to finish my undergraduate degree at Wheaton College, a strongly evangelical liberal arts college and the alma mater for Billy Graham. For me this was a step toward liberalism. I was a very hard core evangelical in those years. But even though the liberal arts did expand my horizons significantly they did not make me particularly liberal. I came to graduate studies at Princeton Theological Seminary firmly convinced that the Bible was without error in any of its teachings and that the doctrines I accepted as a conservative Christian were given by God himself.

That began to change the more I studied the Bible. I had taken Greek at Wheaton as my foreign language, to allow me to read the New Testament in the original language. My first semester at Princeton Seminary I signed up to take Hebrew, to allow me to read the Old Testament in its own original language. And I did so, both testaments, rigorously. Over time, when taking courses in both Hebrew Bible and New Testament, I started finding problems that previously I had simply dismissed, written off, or facilely explained away. But the problems continued to surface and re-surface.

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