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My Pod Cast Interview with Sam Harris

On May 1, 2018 I was interviewed by Sam Harris for his podcast “Waking Up.”  Ostensibly the interview was to be about my book “The Triumph of Christianity: How A Forbidden Religion Swept the World” but we covered a wide range of topics, from my autobiography to numerous substantive issues, including the nature of miracles, the composition of the New Testament, the resurrection of Jesus, the question of heaven and hell, the book of Revelation, the End Times, contradictions in the Bible, the concept of a messiah, whether Jesus actually existed, and the conversion of Constantine! Now *that’s* a lot to talk about in a single interview!

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    SHameed01  July 26, 2020

    Professor, I finally finished listening to the interview and I really enjoyed it. One thing that I really like about you is that you don’t demonstrate the level of anti-theistic hostility that I have seen with Sam Harris. And as I mentioned before Sam may not be an idiot, but his knowledge is far from complete for some one who writes on the topic of religion. Case in point he talks about how Islam has the concept of abrogation where the violent verses abrogates the peaceful verses. Question is which Islam? There are various different groups within Islam like in Christianity!

    What he profoundly fails to realize is that Islam is not monolithic with the topic of Jihad being absolutely no exception and the concept of abrogation that he is alluding to ultimately comes from Islamic scholars (who by the way had difference of views on more than one issue including Jihad).

    There are prominent scholars of the past who would side with Sam on the issue of Jihad while countless who would not! I hate it when people give blanket statements about a particular faith that has a history of diverging views on more than one issue be it Christianity or Islam!

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