This weekend I am heading back up to the Washington D.C. area to do some consulting for my Teaching Company (also known as the Great Courses) course on “How Jesus Became God,” a course more or less based on my book of the same name due to be released at the end of March. I will be taping the course in February, over the course of six days spread over two long weekends. My normal procedure for doing these courses has been to record six lectures a day. That’s a killer, but on the upside, it’s over much faster! This time we couldn’t book the studio for that amount of time each day, so I’ll be doing four lectures a day, over six days.

This will be my eighth course for the Teaching Company. Of the other seven, six have been, like this one, twenty-four lectures (each 30 minutes) in length. The other was twelve. By my math, that means I’ve done 156 lectures for them so far; by the end of this course it will be 180.

And the funny thing is that every single lecture so far I’ve had exactly the same experience. Which is this: The lecture has to last 30 minutes. Even though they are taped in front of a camera (actually, three cameras), there is no one in the room, except the camera guys. So, basically, you’re lecturing to an empty room! That’s not easy. It’s *especially* hard to tell a joke. No one’s laughing….


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