I have now finished with my final edits for my book How Jesus Became God.   IN the process of doing these final edits, I have cut out large sections of my Preface and the Introductions of four of my chapters and replaced them with other, hopefully better, sections.    But I really like the old ones as well.  So, since they won’t appear in print, I decided to post them here as a record of what almost was.   The all involve anecdotes about my past.  In most instances (the Introductions to the four chapters), these were narratives related to my “deconversion” from Christianity.  My editor and I agreed that the reading public has heard enough about all that, and there’s only so much more that could still be interesting to them.  And so I have replaced those anecdotes with other things.   But I will present them here, anyway, for your reading pleasure or displeasure.

The following is from what was originally going to be my Preface; it is the opening gambit.


The issue that lies behind this book is simple but gripping.  Jesus was a lower-class Jewish preacher in the backwaters of rural Galilee who was condemned for illegal activities and crucified for crimes against the state.   Yet within several years his followers were claiming that he was a divine being.  Not long afterward they went even further, declaring that he was none other than God, Lord of heaven and earth.  And so the question:  How did a crucified peasant come to be thought of as the Lord who created all things?  How did Jesus become God?


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