My assistant and computer guru Steve Ray noticed yesterday (Saturday, November 16) that comments were not getting posted on the site.   There was a technical malfunction, unrelated to him, me, or the CIA (the real one or the secondary one in D.C., so far as I know….). This is the note he posted on my facebook page.  Please … take note!

Greetings Blog Members. Technical Notice. There was a database corruption on the blog server today due to JetPack, one that did not allow comments to record. If you left a comment between 6am to 6pm EST, please consider submitting it again. If any member notes that their account is not working properly (cannot access membership content), please email your password to [email protected] and it will be manually reset. Sorry for any inconvenience. S. E. Ray, Bart’s Assistant.

Additionally, the inbound links still result in membership access issues, even after logging in. Developers are looking into this and will not get back to us until Monday, 11/18/2013. However, if you login directly at member posts are accessible from this point of entry and you can leave comments and read all posts as usual. Sorry for the complications.