Life after Death in the Bible and Beyond: Webinar with Oxford Press

On April 20, 2020, I did a webinar for Oxford University Press.   I have published three textbooks with Oxford and the textbook division has started hosting these events, principally for college and university professors and their students, but anyone is welcome to sign up and join in.   When they asked me if I’d be interested, I thought it sounded like a great idea; and when they asked what I’d like to do it on, I told them the afterlife.  Of ...

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Blog-Related Suggestions for Isolation

There is a lot of good advice out there about how not just to handle isolation but how to take advantage of it, to make some parts of your life better rather than worse.   But it has occurred to me: people on this blog have some things in common, interests that we share.   And I wonder if we can give some suggestions to each other about how blog-related interests can contribute to our mutual and individual well-being while we still ...

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The Not Old Better Show – Heaven and Hell Book Interview

On April 1 I did a podcast interview with Paul Vogelzang, the host of Smithsonian Associates “The Not Old Better Show,” aired on Soundcloud (Washington DC). The podcast focuses on the issues or particular relevance to the 50+ crowd (nence its name) but obviously lots of the topics it hits are on the minds of everyone else as well.

The interview was on my new book on Heaven and Hell: A History of the Afterlife.   I read an excerpt ...

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Interested in a Webinar on My Book?

For all who are interested!    This coming Monday, 2:00-3:00 pm, I will be leading a one-hour webinar hosted by Oxford University Press.  It is free and open to everyone.

The webinar will focus on the history of the ideas of heaven and hell, the subject of my recent book with Simon & Schuster.  So *that’s* a bit strange.  An Oxford event focusing on a book I wrote for someone else???   I’ll explain below.

FIRST, about the event.  I will start by giving ...

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UGH. Lost Comments from April 6

Some bad news, I’m afraid.  Yesterday I went to review and post the comments that had come in the previous day (April 6, between noon and midnight).  There was only one.  Normally there are 40-50.   Yup, something was wrong.

Complicated story, but because of a weird technical difficulty involving the back-up system, the comments were sent into the stratosphere.  There were 42 of them.  If you made a comment then and saved it, please resubmit.  If you want to compose it ...

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The Blog Podcast and Some New Protocols

We have a lot of new members joining us, some of them (new) paying members (Thank you very much!) and others who are taking advantage of our free two-month offer (welcome!!). We’re delighted to have you, and hope you enjoy the blog. Please spread the word!

For newcomers, some information about a couple of additional features of the blog that you may not know about (and a reminder about these for everyone else); and then a couple of notes about protocol ...

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Blog Anniversary, 2020!

As I indicated in my previous post, we had our eighth anniversary as a blog two days ago, on April 3.   How things have changed since started this little venture in 2012.   As I have said before, at the time I had no idea how the blog would work or go.   A friend had suggested the idea of a blog over drinks, and I thought it was crazy.  Who has time to do a regular blog?  Lots of people, I ...

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Today is the 8th anniversary of the Bart Ehrman Blog!   A day to celebrate.  But also to commiserate.  Who, on April 3, 2012, would have expected that eight years later we would be in the midst of the most serious world-wide crisis in our lifetime?

I will celebrate the past eight Blog years in my next post.   Today I want to announce the Blog’s response to our crisis.

We all know a major part ...

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Is The End Today???

Just got this email, as my book has now appeared today.  Ha!

Prof. Ehrman,

      I thought you’d get a kick out of this) So here I am, working in the home office like a lot of people today, when my wife comes downstairs and informs me that our Amazon device just announced that Heaven and Hell were coming today. !!!!! You can imagine the surprise one might get when this thing ...

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Fresh Air Interview for Heaven and Hell: Airing Tuesday!

As most of you know, my new book Heaven and Hell: A History of the Afterlife, is due to come out in two days, on Tuesday March 31.  I am very lucky to say that I have done an interview with Terry Gross for Fresh Air that will be playing  that day.  If you’re not familiar with the show, it is probably the premier interview radio program in the country, with millions of listeners; it will be playing on your ...

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