Hey! Wanna Go With Me To Rome ?

Here’s an exciting announcement that I’ve been eager to make.  And now I can.   I’ll be taking a group of interested (and interesting) folk on a ten-day trip to Rome and Southern Italy on April 14-24, 2020 (this coming April!); this is tour sponsored by Thalassa Journeys, the group that arranged my (with some other blog members)to Greece and Turkey last year.  It was spectacular.

And this one will be as well.   It is an amazing itinerary, as good as they ...

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An Opening for the Blog Dinner NYC August 27

We have had a cancellation for the blog dinner scheduled for 7:00 pm in NYC (Midtown), this coming Tuesday (August 27).  So we have one more seat at the table.  Anyone interested?   If so, email me at behrman@email.unc.edu    Only requirements for attendance: you be a member of the blog, you get there, you pay for your meal, you be interested in talking to us!

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Learning New Things

I am constantly awed by some fellow scholars,who have not just enormous range of knowledge about so many things but also an inordinate, almost insatiable curiosity.   There aren’t many people like that, but I know some.   At the same time I am regularly puzzled by people who simply have no curiosity about much of anything, who have strong opinions about lots and actual knowledge about little, who just don’t have any real curiosity or drive to find answers to anything.

I’m ...

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Blog Dinner for NYC Full!

I am pleased  to say that the table for the blog dinner in NYC for August 27 is now full.  At this point I will start a waiting list, in the event that someone backs out, as often happens.   So let me know if you want to be on it.

And as other opportunities come up, I’ll be sure to post them.

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Join Me In Egypt? Tour in October 2020!


I am (very) happy to announce that I will be giving lectures on a tour to Egypt on October 16-29, 2020.  It’s not too early to start planning!  On the contrary: the trip hasn’t been seriously advertised yet, and already four people have signed up!

The trip is sponsored by the University of North Carolina General Alumni Association, BUT — big point here! — you do not need to be an alumna/alumnus to come.   It’s going to be a terrific trip.  ...

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Do You Need a Free Membership?

Thanks to the incredible ongoing generosity of members of the blog, I am happy to announce that there are still some free one-year memberships available.   These have been donated for a single purpose: to allow those who cannot afford the annual membership fee to participate on the blog for a year.   I will assign these memberships strictly on the honor system: if you truly cannot afford the membership fee, but very much want to have full access to the blog, ...

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Last Minute (well, sort of): Another Blog Dinner Option. NYC, August 27

OK, this is a bit unexpected.  But I’m going to be in New York (Midtown Manhattan) for a few days (that part was expected) and it turns out I’ll have an evening free, August 27.  And so if anyone’s interested I can do a blog dinner.  Given the location, it might be kind of pricey, but … well, if you’re interested, wanna come?

As per my custom:  the table will be limited to eight, of which I will be one.  That ...

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Blog Dinner in D.C.: Full!

I am pleased and regret (at the same time) to say that the table for the blog dinner in D.C. in September is now full.  I have a waiting list that I have started, and have notified everyone who contacted me (both those at the table and those on the waiting list.)

But I’ll be doing others this coming year in a few other places!  Hopefully others can come to these

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Blog Dinner, Washington DC. September 6, 2019

On Friday, September 6, 2019, at 7:00 pm, I will be hosting a Blog Dinner for blog members (members only, I’m afraid) at the Bistro Bis at the George Hotel in Washington D.C.   The table is limited to eight.  I’m one of them.  That means that seven spots are available.  First come first served:  please do NOT response here on the blog, but send me a private email, at behrman@email.unc.edu.

The occasion is the Smithsonian Associates Seminar I’m doing the next ...

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My Current Research Projects, 7/2019

I often get asked what I’m doing in my personal research – both long term and, well, what is it I actually do during the day?   It’s all related to the blog, so I thought I’d devote a single post to it, just a kind of overview of the kinds of things I’m working on.  Right now, as it turns out, it’s a wide range.

Tomorrow I’m off to Marburg Germany (I’ve been in London for most of the summer, so ...

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