Helping Charity and Improving My Blog

As I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog, I have had three debates with Dinesh D’Souza, an extremely smart, articulate, and conservative fellow, on the Problem of Suffering.  The debates were not about whether there is a problem (yes there is!), but about whether the problem is, or should be, insurmountable for faith.  For many people (like me) it is insurmountable.  But I don’t think it necessarily is for everyone.  Dinesh does not think it should be for ...

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Outta here (for a couple of days)

Friends, Fans, and Others,

I am heading outta here for a few days, taking my 85-year-old mom trout fishing!   We will be in a remote part of the Missouri Ozarks, where there is no Internet connection.   I have prepared a couple of posts for when I’m away, which my trusty website and technology support, Steven Ray, will put up on the blog while I’m gone.   But I will not be able to respond to comments, until I get back at the end ...

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The Growth of Early Christianity: A Clarification

In my last post I was discussing why / how Christianity succeeded in taking over the Empire, and a number of readers have pointed out that the conversion of Constantine had something to do with it.  Yes indeed!!  Constantine had EVERYTHING to do with it.  If he/that hadn’t happened, there’s no telling what would have been.   Constantine was the real game-changer.  But my post (I wasn’t clear about this: my mistake) wasn’t dealing with the cataclysmic events of the fourth ...

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Which Charities Does The Blog Support?


With administration costs taking bites out of donated dollars I hesitate to give $s to unknown/redundant agencies which duplicate efforts and erode potential $s for receipients. Would ‘you’ identify the agencies being used by those contributing to your foundation? What % of donated dollars are spent on administrative costs per dollar received? …. I support what you are doing in the areas of poverty and want to know how wisely and through whom it is dispersed.


This is obviously a most ...

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Personal Reflections Page

I have decided to include a new category on my blog (available for members only) for personal reflections. This will give me a chance to talk about things that are happening in my life. Most of the time there will be a close, or, well, more-or-less close, tie in to the themes of the rest of the blog: the study of Christianity in Antiquity. But these comments will be more personal in nature.

At this point, I’m imagining it to have ...

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Undergraduate Courses (2): Introduction to the New Testament (Part 2)

Once students have come to see what the contents, characteristics, and emphases of each of the Gospels are, and have recognized that the Gospels cannot be taken as historically reliable accounts of what “really” happened in the life of Jesus, both because of their many discrepancies and because of historical implausibilities (as just two examples: Luke’s “census” that gets Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem; or the Triumphal Entry, where Jesus is publicly acclaimed messiah by the massive crowds and the ...

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Undergraduate Courses (1): Introduction to the New Testament (Part 1)

In my post on The Work of a Professional Scholar I gave a brief overview of the sorts of courses that I teach at UNC.  There is nothing particularly unusual about the courses I teach.  I have hundreds of friends and colleagues who teach classes on the New Testament and on Early Christianity around the country, and most of them have courses very similar to the ones I teach – so long as they are not teaching in a fundamentalist ...

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Question about Eyewitnesses and the Gospels

Please Note: Normally I will be addressing questions that I receive in the members only site (“Bart Answers His Readers”). But occasionally I will post a question and answer here, in the Public Forum, to give a sense to everyone what sorts of things are available for anyone willing to give a bit to charity and to join the site.


One of the major points of your work (if I understand correctly) is that the contents of the New ...

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The Work of the Professional Scholar 1: Introduction

                In some of the back and forth that I have been involved with over the past few weeks there have been questions raised about whether “experts” in a field have any privileged standing when it comes to making judgments about the acceptability or force of evidence that is adduced for one position or another.   I am not going to go into that question here, but a related topic did occur to me as I was thinking about it:   My ...

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A Recent Interview

Here, for anyone interested, is a link to a recent interview I did (2012).  It is relatively short (Q&A via email), but it covers a range of topics, with some really terrific questions, I thought.

Post Update 10/2014: The original post resided on now an expired blog “The Porpoise Diving Life: Reality for the Rest of Us or Picking Up Where Purpose-Driven Peters Out” moderated by Bill Dahl, who interviewed me after the printed release of “DID JESUS EXIST?”. The following interview was fully restored ...

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