I am deeply touched and highly appreciative of the response to my request for donations that would allow readers who very much want to be members of the blog, but who simply cannot afford the membership fees, to have a one-year subscription.   The outpouring of support was very gratifying and humbling.   We have received $1800 in this appeal – enough for 72 memberships.    Fantastic.

I am now about to announce the possibility in the public forum of the blog and on my facebook page.  It will be very interesting indeed to see how many requests we receive.  I will, necessarily, proceed on the honor system, asking people to be honest and tell me what their situation is that does not allow them to join otherwise.   I will accept the first 72 applications I receive.   And I’ll time the responses, to see how long it takes to reach 72 (if we reach it!).  I will give you the full scoop when the data are in.

Many, many, many thanks to all of you who donated so generously.   This is the season of giving – whatever personal, religious, anti-religious, theological, atheological, ideological views we may have.   And many of you have given in a touching way.   I appreciate it very much indeed.