When I try to register, the form asks for a coupon. What do I enter?

The coupon field on the registration form is only an option, just like any shopping cart that supports popular ecommerce sites on the internet.   If you don’t have a coupon code, ignore the field. This option being left blank doesn’t inhibit the registration process.

I refuse to use PayPal for personal reasons. Do you have another option to join?

While PayPal Standard subscriptions do require a person to have a PayPal Account. Bart also has added Paypal Pro to the registration form for any credit card purchase, which costs him an extra $30 a month out of his pocket. Paypal Pro does not require an account, where it only serves as a payment gateway. However, if you absolutely refuse to use PayPal, you have the option of sending a check by USPO mail, made out for $34.95 to the “Bart Ehrman Foundation” for one years access. (The additional $10 surcharge, in addition to the annual $24.95 fee, is because Bart has to walk checks over to the bank and involve his paid accountant in the process.) Please mail your check or money order with your email to:

Bart Ehrman Foundation
152 Pinecrest Rd.
Durham, NC 27705-5813

After doing so, please proceed to register on the blog HERE selecting Paypal Standard, but when the process jumps to the second page asking for payment, stop there. At that time, email support(at)ehrmanblog(dot)org to notify Bart that your check is on the way and your blog registration is complete. We will use your email to find your registered account in the system and activate manually for 14 months. Two months extra to compensate the $10 handling fee.

PayPal is not supported in my country. May I pay another way?

If the Paypal Pro (credit card method) is not possible, the “The Bart Ehrman Blog: The History & Literature of Early Christianity” foundation bank account through Branch Banking & Trust Co. in North Carolina, provides wire transfer facilities to simplify the process of transferring funds for annual memberships.  Members who wish to transfer $24.95 for an annual subscription within the United States can use the ABA/routing numbers provided below.

Domestic Wire – Up to 24 Hours for Processing

Bank Name: Branch Banking & Trust Co. [BB&T NC]
Foundation’s ABA (Routing Number):  05310112 (email for last digit)
Address of Bank:  ACH OPERATIONS 100-99-04-10, WILSON, NC 27893
Foundation’s Name:  Bart Ehrman Foundation Inc
Foundation’s Account Number: 520554273 (email for last digit)

B&T Bank also provides international wire transfers. Routing numbers are used to initiate domestic wire transfers, while a special code is designed, known as Swift Code which is used for international wire transfers. The bank is a member of both CHIPS and SWIFT, organizations which facilitate international funds transfers.

International Wire – Up to 7 Days for Processing

BB&T Swift Code: BRBTUS33
Foundation’s ABA (Routing Number):  05310112 (email for last digit)
Foundation’s Name:  Bart Ehrman Foundation Inc
Foundation’s Account Number: 520554273 (email for last digit)

If you have any doubt contact BB&T Costumer Service: 1-800-774-8179 or visit their website at: http://www.bbt.com. After completing the $24.95 wire for an annual subscription, please proceed to register on the blog HERE, stopping when the process jumps to the second page asking for payment. At that time, email support(at)ehrmanblog(dot)org to notify Bart that your wire is on the way and your blog registration is complete. Once the wire is verified, we can activate your registered account immediately.

Xoom.com works very well for direct wire transfer, which only charges a $2.99 fee to wire directly from your bank account. Credit card payments via Xoom.com are slightly more expensive but also work for wiring internationally. Xoom is only an example provided from many options, where you will have to select a service from your country.  Solutions can be found for international money transfer companies in your own language: fxcompared.com

What organizations does Bart support with our membership fees?

Bart directly addresses this question in a post during the 2013 holiday season: https://ehrmanblog.org/amusing-fund-raising-blog/ and another follow-up in 2014: https://ehrmanblog.org/a-milestone-for-the-blog/ and in 2015, Bart added a comprehensive explanation on the Philanthropy page: https://ehrmanblog.org/philanthropy/

I just registered with payment or renewed and can’t access my account?

There is an intermittent problem with new accounts and renewals, where there is sometimes a delay of access. The time varies, between 15 to 45 minute delay before PayPal transmits the account details for blog access, effecting both renewals and new account payments. The glitch is on Paypal’s end and affects maybe 3% of the registrations.

How to Re-activate a PayPal Subscription that has been Canceled

Log into your PayPal account and go to Profile -> My Money.
In the row for ‘My preapproved payments’ click ‘Update’.
Here you will see a list of all of your recurring payments.  Find the subscription you need to reinstate and click on the title.  The next page will show you all the details of this subscription.  Click ‘Re-activate’ to re-activate your subscription.

I paid by Credit Card and want to opt-out of my Subscription

To opt out of the subscription, if you have paid by credit card, login and click the WordPress “W” top left.  Then click “Profile” from the left menu. At the bottom of that page will be an option to disable your renewal.

I am logged out unexpectedly or encounter an error message when trying to log in.

If you receive a message like ”security breach, your attempt to access a secure form has been denied.” message, or your session logs you out while being logged in, check your browsers security. “Medium-High” is too high, “Medium” works well. “Block third-party cookies and site data” will unfortunately cause problems. Your credentials needs to write to cache to hold your session open. Additionally, the method varies from browser to browser, but purge your cache. In Internet Explorer for example, under “Tools” select “Delete browser history…”, make sure Cookies and History are selected. Then fully close your browser, open and try again. Tutorials for all browser types: http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/

I use a smart phone, is there a users interface?

There is a basic mobile phone interface, targeting iPhone 3, 4, 5 and Android devices that have similar resolutions. Accessible from the top navigation under “Mobile Users”. The essential pages are linked via the main panel, with return hyperlinks on the footer of each page. Once you access a post, the system reverts back to the website, where left to right scrolling is required. Unfortunately mobile plugins don’t work well or at all with password protected WordPress blogs. The better ones generate modified pages offsite to use their own technology, which does not permit remote query. The ones that may work onsite are terribly primitive or would require costly development efforts. Additionally, there is not an auto-redirect for phone technology built into Bart’s Blog, due to the additional development required. The theme is responsive now (fit all mobile devices), after 3 years of updates by the creators.

Will the blog work with any mobile device?

The blog is mainly setup as a desktop platform, where some unexpected results may occur on some mobile platforms due to the limitation caused by the membership system. The theme is responsive now (fit all mobile devices), after 3 years of updates by the creators. Some tablets may experience complications, but should not as of 2015, where the WordPress framework is completely up to date.

Is there a search feature on the blog?

Yes, there is a member-only search feature. After logging in, top right, you will see a magnifying glass icon. Once you click this, you may search any word or series of words and the search feature will list all posts with the words associated. The advanced search feature will scan all the user names, highlights, excerpts, attachments, drafts, comments, tags and custom fields (metadata). In 2015, we added a search field top right of each post page for easier use.

I forgot my password. How do I reset it for account access?

There are two ways. First is click the following link to have sent a new password: https://ehrmanblog.org/lostpassword/. This method will now allow users to enter a preferred password, verses the old method that generated a convoluted series of characters. Second method is to email support(at)ehrmanblog(dot)org with your preferred password for manual resetting, which normally can be completed that same day.

How do I receive notice of each new post?

The membership system itself is not cohesive to subscriptions systems therefore we don’t have a means to send notifications from the blog itself.  However, Bart’s twitter feed provides instant notifications of new posts (although not always dependable). The feed is accessible by clicking the Twitter icon above on the website. Bart also posts nearly every day to his Facebook page. A user can click on the “Liked” button from his page HERE and chose “Get Notifications” which will alert you of new posts. If you have a laptop or desktop with a Outlook installed, it allows an RSS feed to be added as an account, which would provide daily notifications. The method is explained HERE. Also RSS aggregators are frequently used by members. A popular selection are listed HERE. We don’t support installation or use of third party applications, we can only suggest them.

There are older posts missing the member content?

Previous of 5/30/2014, Bart created two posts, one for the public and one for members only, which do require some effort to find.  There are roughly 400 early posts separated in this fashion, since the founding of the blog. Bart does not have the time to invest in all the hours it would take to combine them properly. It would be ideal to do so for reasons that members can’t easily find the member post. UPDATE 5/2016: All the older posts have been combined as one, where this problem has been rectified.

How do I change my subscription payment source?

• Login to your PayPal account.
• If necessary, Add a New Funding Source in PayPal.
• Click on “History” to find one of the payments made to Bart’s blog
• Click on “Details” to open the payment Transaction Details record.
• There will be a link at the top of the Transaction page, labeled “In reference to:”
• Click on the “In reference to”, this will open a Subscription Details page.
• Scroll down to the “Subscription Funding Source” section, where you can select any of the funding sources that you currently have established with your PayPal account to be used for future blog subscription payments.

Note: If you login to your PayPal account and delete a card or bank account that’s being used for your Bart’s CIA Blog subscription, PayPal will cancel your subscription. PayPal may also cancel a subscription if the credit card expires or is not updated in the specific sequence that PayPal requires. PayPal gives warning of this, but it is in small type and easy to overlook.

How do I change my donation amount?

PayPal requires a user to login to their personal PayPal account and cancel their current reoccurring donation subscription amount, and then return to original form and create a new donation amount. Reason: PayPal does not allow the flexibility for a user to create a subscription for a selected amount, where a business or organization who is receiving the money can change that amount without the permission of the subscriber. PayPal blocks the possibility for the users protection. After you cancel the subscription in your PayPal account (explained here: https://www.paypal.com/selfhelp/article/FAQ2058/1 ) then please return to the footer of the website and choose a new monthly amount: https://ehrmanblog.org/

How do I add a user Avatar to my membership profile?

1) Login using your membership credentials: https://ehrmanblog.org/login/
2) From the top left, firmly click on the “W” icon that represents WordPress.
3) If you click it properly, two menu items show, including “Dashboard” and “Profile”.
4) Firmly click “Profile” and you will see all your user information on the right.
5) Scroll down to the “Avatar” section at the bottom. Upload a 100 pixel x 100 pixel x 96 pixel cropped headshot (50kb is minimum size jpg).
6) Click “Update Profile” to save the image to your profile.
7) Sometimes the plugin may not cooperate. If so, simply load it again and click “Update Profile”.
8) When it takes, the top left mini Avatar will change to your loaded image.
9) Complete any other information while you are reviewing your user profile and click “Update Profile”.

I received an email notifying me that my account was renewed without permission?

Subscriptions on most membership systems do have automatic renewals as part of their function. It is a convenience for the user and provider, not an intentional act of abuse against a members account. As is the standard for membership systems, Bart’s Blog has no control or access to a user’s subscriptions or their funds, only the user does. You will need to login to your Paypal account and unsubscribe to Bart’s Blog (Step-by-Step Guide). If you need assistance with the process, you will need to contact Paypal. You may file for a refund through Paypal, and again Paypal will be happy to help with this process as well. In a matter of a 3 to 5 days, the funds will be reversed by Paypal. Otherwise, 100% of all funds collected help provide life necessities for poorest among us.

If you paid by credit card, after you login to the blog, click the “W” top left. Then click “Profile” followed by “Membership Details”. There is an “Unsubscribe” button on the page. Once clicked, you will be unsubscribed from further automated renewals.