Readers’ Mailbag December 11, 2015

Time again for my weekly Readers’ Mailbag.   I have three questions to deal with today, one that is substantive and about the New Testament, one about my personal life as an evangelical turned agnostic, and one about my views of the beginnings of life!  Quite a mix.

As questions occur to you, please feel free to ask, either in a comment on this post or in an email.  If it’s something I can handle, I will add your question to the ...

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Can My Students Believe in the Inerrancy of the Bible?


Do you ever get a student in your class who doggedly insists upon the inerrancy of the Bible? If so, and if they write their term papers in support of Biblical inerrancy, is it possible for them to get a passing grade in your class?



HA!  That’s a great question!

So, part of the deal of teaching in the Bible Belt is that lots of my students – most of them? – have very conservative views about the Bible as the Word ...

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Possibly of Some Interest


Some of you may get the magazine Biblical Archaeology Review.  It often has interesting stuff in it, for
the non-specialists.  Here’s the announcment of a recent article of possible interest.

Biblical Views: The Value of Methodological Doubt

Ron Hendel Defends Critical Biblical Scholarship


What’s the use of critical Biblical scholarship? If you asked evangelical Calvinist philosopher Alvin Plantinga, he’d probably say “not much.” He compares the endeavor to mowing the lawn with nail clippers. Instead he believes only in the inerrancy of ...

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