Ideas for Raising More Money on the Blog

Many thanks to everyone who responded to my request for comments about how to improve the blog.  I am taking all of them under advisement!  Here I’d like to flesh out a bit three specific suggestions and give my take on them (I will address a few others in my next post).   Please consider each of these and respond if you feel so moved!   These are themed: they are all about money and about how to raise more of it – one of my ongoing interests and concerns 1.  The Price of the Blog. Several people suggested that if I want to achieve my fund-raising goals for the charities I support (i.e., make more money), I could raise the cost of the blog.  Simply charge more.   Some suggested $50 instead of $24.95.   I was amused to see that no one suggested I charge *less* in order to make more money.  It made me think that maybe there are more Democrats than Republicans on the blog.  J The reason I don’t want to charge more is [...]