How Jesus Became God!!

It is time – well past time, some of you may think – for a new thread.   And one is oh-so-ready-to-hand.    My new book, How Jesus Became God, will be released on Tuesday (March 25).  I am unusually eager for that to happen.  I’ve never had a trade book (i.e., written for a popular audience) that I’ve been as invested in.   Many of my other ones have done well, and I’ve been proud of each and every one of them (they’re like your children – you love each of them dearly and deeply ….).   But this is that one that I think is the really important one – in its way, more important than Misquoting Jesus, and all the rest. That’s because the question it’s dealing with is really BIG, in my opinion.   It may sound a bit outlandish, crazy, or over the top, but I think a case can be made that the question of how Jesus became God is one of the most important questions for the history of Western Civilization.  OK, that [...]