The Sense of an Ending

I am today taking executive privilege and allowing myself a hiatus in my discussions of various things academic in this post.  I still have several posts I want to make about editing the edition of the apostolic fathers – especially about translating them – and I want to get back to what I was writing about before all that, as I do more and more reading of relevance to the topic of belief in Jesus’ resurrection.  And I want to talk about the two book ideas that I have been floating to my publisher.   But all that can wait.  I want to talk about an amazing novel I just finished. So, as background information that you didn’t ask for.   This past New Years I made some resolutions and oddly enough, in a rare event of history, I’ve actually been keeping them.  I vowed to lose 15 pounds (I did, and still want to lose 5 more; but it ain’t easy!) (my daughter, years ago, suggested that if I wanted to lose my beer gut I [...]