Upcoming Speaking Schedule and … Cruises!

I have finalized my speaking schedule for the Fall semester (I’m 58 and I still organize my life according to semesters… ) and more or less for the Spring as well.   These are the events that are all open to the public; some charge for a ticket, others not.  If any of these is near you, simply google the sponsor and my name, and normally that will take you to any information you may need should you want to attend. Two events in particular I want to highlight.   The first is a cruise in the Caribbean this coming January 18-25.  This event is sponsored by the Biblical Archaeology Society, and anyone who wants to purchase a place (and can do so) is absolutely welcome, whether you’ve ever been involved with or even have ever heard of the Biblical Archaeology Society or not.  Now, you may wonder what the Caribbean has to do with Biblical archaeology.   There is a clear and definite answer:  Nothing At All.   Well, except for the fact that the BAS is sponsoring [...]