A Post From Bart’s Advisory Circle:


Today, April 18, 2022, the Ehrmanblog.org marks its Ten Year Anniversary! We take this opportunity to thank all of the Donors, Members and other followers who have made this adventure possible. This blog brings world-class scholarship about the New Testament and early Christian literature to an enthusiastic audience of over 10,000. Twelve wonderful people have been on board ever since Day One (see their names below), and 237 others have been Members since that first year. We thank all of you for being here, and for your generosity. Over the years, the Blog has raised more than $1,500,000, and every nickel of your Blog Membership fees goes directly to charities dealing with poverty, hunger, homelessness, and medical needs.


Many volunteers contribute to the effort, helping with everything necessary to keep the website running smoothly, and many incredibly generous supporters provide gifts beyond membership fees that cover all the essential costs of operations. Many readers of the blog contribute with incredibly insightful comments on Bart’s posts, adding richness and flavor to the Blog’s two-fold mission: first, to bring important aspects of the New Testament and Early Christianity to everyone, in accessible and easy-to-understand terms; and second, to help real people with real needs.


All of this is possible only because of the commitment, kindness, and generosity of Dr. Bart Ehrman. Professor Ehrman is a celebrated scholar in New Testament and Early Christian literature, serves the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill as a very popular professor, and maintains a demanding schedule of speaking appearances and debates and writing about a book every year (six of them New York Times bestsellers!). In addition to all that, he keeps this blog going: five posts every week of 1200 or so words (nearly 3,000 of them over ten years), reviewing and responding to comments, and supervising dozens of volunteers. Bart’s work with the blog is very close to a full-time job, and he does it all without taking a penny.


We all join in to say: Thank you, Bart! Congratulations on a decade of success, and may the next decade be even better than the first. We encourage all to comment below, and let Bart know how much we appreciate his work and kindness.


-From Bart’s Advisory Circle (aka PP&J)


Current members who joined the very first day:


Nancy Thorgaard

Diane Pittman

Nichael Cramer


Daniel Eldridge

Michael Fairburn

Michael Reed

Shane Phillips

Joe Baughman

Brian Holly

Vic Leathers


Thank you, each and every one!