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“If you want the most current scholarship on the New Testament and Early Christianity from a bona fide expert in a style all of us can understand, without a religious axe to grind, this is your blog, for sure. And it’s for charity; your brain and hungry people both get fed. Win-win.” ~ dallaswolf, member


“I am a student of Divinity in London, U.K. and have been a member since the blog started and will continue to subscribe for the forseeable future. Quite simply put if you are interested in the exploring the New testament from its historical and scholarly perspective then joining this blog will be a euphoric moment for sure and you will be thoroughly enlightened, thanks to Bart and the blog.” ~ samchahal, member


“Regardless of whether you take every word of the New Testament as the literal truth, or take a more skeptical view as to what it has to say to us, you’ll find that in his blog Bart Ehrman offers a great deal of interest His knowledge of the New Testament, of other Christian documents of the time, and of the world in which in which they were conceived ranges broadly and cuts deep. He conveys that knowledge in a lucid and lively fashion. Nobody interested in the New Testament can fail to find this blog of interest as well.” ~ James Chalmers, member


“Bart Ehrman demonstrates on his blog day after day that a “respectful unbeliever” can win the loyalty of friends and win over believers as both groups seek to learn as much as can be learned about Christianity’s origins, its stories, and its beliefs in a forum that values evidence and reasoning above all else, while doing good in the greater world through the blog’s charitable giving.” ~ LWH, member


“I have studied the history of the New Testament and early Christianity since 1972. Dr. Ehrman sticks to the facts, and answers in an easy style and wit. His insight and recommendations have helped me more than any scholar I have read – and he is live here!” ~ Joshua Gordon, member


“I decided to sign up for Dr. Ehrman’s blog after attending one of his all-day talks at the Smithsonian. His entries are wide-ranging, and he responds quickly, politely, and effectively to questions raised by readers. This is money well spent! Reading the blog is like being back in school (but without homework). A great value!” ~ magmack, member


“Prof. Ehrman has an unimpeachable reputation for debunking Biblical texts in the context of what can reliably be deduced about the early centuries of Christianity and before. Aside from his scholarly publications, his trade books, his academic debates and lectures available on Youtube, his blog gives me, in plain English, a substantial daily update of his cutting-edge investigation of the available documentary evidence.” ~ Michael Burgess, member


“Every time I read a post in The Bart Ehrman Blog I find out something new that intrigues me. It is incredible that Bart maintains such a steady flow of well-written mind-expanding posts.” ~ Alfred, member


“Where else can you get daily insightful commentary about the New Testament free of theological bias from a recognized authority in the field who is also a popular author and communicates it so well?!” ~ fishician, member


“If you want to know more about how much we can really know about Jesus and the New Testament, subscribe to Dr. Ehrman’s blog. He is very informative, witty and concise; never talks down to his readers, but never goes over their heads either.” ~ tcroberts02, member


“Bart’s blog posts are very engaging, informative, and interesting. They contain cutting-edge glimpses into the fascinating world of Early Christianity, as well as direct answers to the questions of blog members.” ~ Adam0685, member


“As a near-lifelong agnostic (raised Catholic), I’m finding membership in this blog a great experience – I learn something new almost every day. And all members’ views are respected, be they believers, agnostics, or atheists.” ~ Wilusa, member


“What I like about Bart Ehrman — despite the fact we do NOT agree on everything — is that his blog is more than worth the money. It’s an honest-to-goodness bargain, a place to learn, and surprise! Surprise! He’s even got a sense of humor.” ~ donmax, member


“If you want straightforward, unvarnished information about historical Christianity from an expert, join the Bart Ehrman Blog.” ~ jmorgan, member


“The Bart Ehrman blog has inspired within me not only a true love of Biblical history, but a hunger to know all that I am capable of knowing, even so all that I believe might be better based on truth.” ~ willow, member


“I have read many of Dr. Erhman’s books. I am delighted to have another source of information about his views in a more personal format. I appreciate the historical approach he takes to the history of Christianity rather than a theological one. Indeed, had the first book I read either promoted a theological viewpoint or been derisive of theology, I would never have read another. Join the blog and enjoy the satisfaction of doing good (charity, doncha know) while both learning and having fun interactively!” ~ magpie, member


“No where else could one find such great scholarship in biblical studies so vividly and clearly layout for the layman, but what I appreciate most is the absolute integrity and great courage of Prof. Bart Ehrman in dealing with history , religion and faith.” ~ Chingwaiwon, member


“As a founding Christian member, I absolutely love the blog. There is no where on the internet to get great historical scholarship posts at such a small yearly fee, posted almost every day. Are you Christian, atheist, agnostic, or a reincarnated alien from the planet Zotron? No worries! Dr. Ehrman nor the other bloggers will criticize you. Afraid Dr. Ehrman has already posted about a certain topic and you missed it? Seek and you shall find. Just use site’s search feature. Members also have access to all the past posts, additional comments, and videos. Halleluiah!” ~ Brad Billips, member


“I joined Bart Ehrman’s blog with a casual interest in Christian Origins and NT studies, and have now become obsessed! I have learned so much over the past two years. Thanks Bart!” ~ toejam, member


“Top notch professional scholarship on the Bible, the historical Jesus, and early Christianity for only $25 a year, and not one penny goes to Bart. It all goes to charity. Bart’s blog is a steal. Join it. You won’t regret it!” ~ Mikail78, member


“It is very rewarding to be part of a singularly safe and highly educational blog while helping others through Bart’s commitment to his charities.” ~ gabilaranjeira, member


“I am a former Catholic with an entirely different perspective on Christianity other than the material I was forced to engage in as a student in Catholic Institutions. To a scientist in the 21st Century the thinking 2,000 years ago and beyond is totally incompatible with today’s world. I have read most of Dr. Ehrman’s publications, including the material in the Teaching Company’s Archives and enjoyed every bit of it for it’s clarity and critical analysis.” ~ rar4433, member


“This is the future of scholarship. I sincerely hope that Dr. Ehrman places such pressure on other scholars to be as honest and willing to defend their positions as he is. With the reading of every new post, I become more and more keenly aware of what true scholarship really is. Thank you Dr. Ehrman.” And that, dear Sir, is one of the things I love best about this blog.” ~ Alihaymeg, member


“Given the ramifications of making sacred scripture the center of one’s religion, one could benefit by engaging with the scholar, Bart D. Ehrman, and his online community about the historical-critical method used for assessing the claims of the New Testament.” ~ member


“Bart Ehrman – blogs- lectures- books- Like a modern blacksmith studying the craftsmanship of ancient swords- how the human hand pounded them into creation- So does Ehrman as he uncovers the ancient scholars hand in the writings of antiquity.” ~ Silverk333, member


“After many years of Sunday school & sermons, I have found enlightenment in Bart Ehrman’s books & blog! For a small contribution to charity, you get interesting, informative lessons/stories/comments on early Christianity from a (best-selling) scholar in the field. Such a deal!” ~ debbyMo, member


“A great blog about early Christianity, the New testament and a whole lot more. Bart writes in an interested and easy to read manner and is always willing to answer any questions.” ~ gavm, member


“Bart’s blog is a great source of fascinating information for those interested in the New Testament or the historical Jesus. Members definitely get their money’s worth and more, and it’s for a great cause. All money goes to charities for the homeless.” ~ jgranade, member