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Why Was the World Created in 4004 BC?

We appear to be living in an age where science no longer matters.  As you may know, the English word “science” comes from the Latin term “scientia,” which means “knowledge.:  People who reject “science,” well, what is it they’re rejecting?   We live in dangerous times.

Apart from the more obvious examples of this rejection that you can find in the newspaper every day (involving a human-induced apocalypse of biblical proportions), there are still, of course, a large number of “creationists” out there, who not only deny evolution (as a student now then will always tell me, with passion in his voice, “Hey, it’s ONLY a theory!!”) but who also subscribe to a young earth theory.  The earth has just been around for about 6000 years.  Really.  (When I was a fundamentalist I knew people who seriously claimed not only that dinosaurs and humans were walking around the earth together, but that fossils that appear to date to millions of years earlier were put into the geological record by Satan, who wanted to lead the world astray so they would all go to hell.  They were serious.)

But why 6000 years?  Why not, say, 7000 or 5000?  Turns out there’s a reason for it.  In fact, as you also may know, in the traditional King James Bible, where there are dates given in the margins for various key events, Genesis 1, the creation of the world, is given as 6004 BCE.  Now *that’s* strange.  Why not just round it off a bit?   What’s with the precision?

I deal with this in a sidebox in my college-level textbook on the Bible, as I posted years ago on the blog.  Here is the original post:


In my Bible Intro, I am including a number of “boxes” that deal with issues that are somewhat tangental to the main discussion, but of related interest or importance. Here’s one of the ones in my chapter on Genesis, in connection with interpretations that want to take the book as science or history. For a lot of you, this will be old news. But then again, so is Genesis.


In 1650 CE, an Irish archbishop and scholar, James Ussher, engaged in a detailed study of when the world began.  Ussher based his calculations on the genealogies of the Bible, starting with those in the book of Genesis (which state not only who begat whom, but also indicate, in many instances, how long each of the people thus begotten lived) and a detailed study of other ancient sources, such as Babylonian and Roman history.  On these grounds, he argued that the world was created in 4004 BCE — in fact, at noon on October 23.  This chronology became dominant throughout Western Christendom.  It was printed widely in King James Bibles and continues to be believed by non-evolutionarily minded Christians today.

This has been a useful dating for many Christians since that time.  For many centuries – going back in fact to the early second century of the Common Era – there have been Christians who thought that the world would last for 6000 years.   The reason is a bit complicated.  According to a passage in the New Testament…

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  1. Avatar
    anthonygale  July 1, 2019

    I suppose I get how they came up with 4004 BCE. Not that it makes sense to me (shouldn’t that mean it took 6000 years to get from “let there be light” to humans?). But how did they come up with October 23 at noon?

    Once out of curiosity I made a trip to the Creation Museum. They had an interesting argument for why dinosaurs must have coexisted with humans. They said the price of sin is death, therefore nothing died until humans committed the first sin. It follows that lions were vegetarians before the first sin. They continue that the fossil record contains dead things and, since nothing died until after the first sin, anything in the fossil record died after the first sin. Hence dinosaurs coexisted with humans.

    I live too far away now to go to Ark Encounter. Did you hear about them suing over rain damage? How ironic.

    • Bart
      Bart  July 2, 2019

      He worked it out by a detailed analysis of Greek, Roman, Ancient Near Eastern, and Biblical chronologies. I don’t remember the exact logic.

  2. Avatar
    AntiochusEpimanes  July 2, 2019

    I know fundamentalists who think the earth is 4.5 billion years old…but they think that the (accurate) genealogies in Genesis skipped generations…for example, at age 30 person A became the great, great, great…grandfather of person B. It seems to me that when it says person A became person B’s father at age 30, that means he became his father, not his distant ancestor. Is there any way to add multiple generations into each ‘begat?’

  3. Avatar
    ksgm34  July 2, 2019

    Bart, how did *you* reconcile the evidence for evolution and an old earth with your beliefs when you were a fundamentalist?

  4. Avatar
    Apocryphile  July 2, 2019

    Everyone knows the Earth is at least 1 million years old – archaeologists have discovered Raquel Welch’s fur bikini under the 20th Century Fox parking lot.

  5. Avatar
    anvikshiki  July 3, 2019

    Wow, Satan planted fossils in the Earth that appeared to be much older than they are? This makes me think of another one from astronomy. If the world is only some 6,000 years old, then stars that appear to be more than 6,000 light years away should not be visible. But most of the stars in the sky are thought to be far older. Did Satan arrange that too? And if so, if Satan planted all the false information in the universe, from the fossils in the soil to the stars in the sky, doesn’t all this make Satan just a little bit…too impressive? :).

  6. Avatar
    mannix  July 6, 2019

    Wait! Did Ussher take into account Leap Year? Since the Earth completes a rotation about the Sun in 365¼ days, an extra day is added every 4 years. For 4004 years, this amounts to 1001 days, or an extra 2 years and 271 days! Adding that to 23 Oct 4004 BCE pushes creation back to around June 11 4007 BCE.

  7. Avatar
    Ophiuchus  July 14, 2019

    Lots of good information on the Scopes Monkey Trial is available on the Famoous Trials website: https://famous-trials.com/scopesmonkey

  8. Avatar
    Bernice Templeman  July 15, 2019

    I actually currently believe the evolution of the Universe, earth, and humankind. The Genesis 1 story may help us to be grateful for all the good and remember we are all equal. I don’t read it as a factual story. I don’t know where it is written about the 2000 year second coming.
    Ancient Egyptians were further advanced in eternal life and equality. I believe in eternal life and think it is not just a second coming, but many. They may not be in 3 days or in exactly 2000 years.
    For example, I am Bernice daughter of Julia Bernice (really). I am not sure when (Julia) Berenice from the Bible died, but it is slightly under 2000 years, maybe around 1865 (could be more or less). If I go back another 1865 years I find an Ancient Egyptian Aat (The Great One). If I go further back, I would be in pre-dynastic Ancient Egypt where there was a white goddess (a human who overcame sin). This could be the Ancient Egyptian goddess Maat.
    I think their gods and goddesses were people who went to heaven and lived again. They were around a long time to see people born again, resurrected.
    I don’t think there is only one person who has gone to heaven and has eternal life. I also think Ancient Egypt has a strong presence in eternal life. You don’t have to be Egyptian, speak the language, etc to go to heave. I think it is your beliefs and actions. If you believe you were created good and don’t sin, you will stop sinning. That is forgiveness and atonement.

  9. kt@rg.no
    kt@rg.no  February 21, 2020

    It is really unbeleivable that grown up, educated adults still hold fast in the idea that the world was created 6000 years ago, with a world of science prooving differently . The scientific proofs are beyond overwhelming showing that this universe started around 13 billion years, pluss minus. You can even look thousands of years back in time when you look at distant stars in the sky, and with a cheap telescope, 100 000 (light) years back in time,,,and then which is oposite side of our Galaxy, not to speak about the other 100 billion + galaxes. Using the Genesis for historical evidence is in my mind useless other than for myth,,,,,,or like the orthodox Jews who claim the whole Judaism are based on a spiritual story, using the story as a allogory. Beside, the stories in the Torah might have originated other sources, like i.e.the Sumarian who was our first litteral developed sivilization,a forerunner of both the Babylonaian (eastern Sumarian culture) and the Hebraic culture. Abraham was a babylonian and his father was a priest in Babylon, and the origon of the Israelites. One can even study the language , and its origin to see where Hebraic comes from or at least relates to,,,Sumarian. Anyway, this Creation myth was used in a very much more detailed version with mostly the same names, but with VERY different deity(s) in this much older sivilization which Sumarians were.

    In my mind one could be open to that these stories in the Torah (Genisis) was known, and used for a spiritual purpose/story,,,,and not ase a historical. Are that far fetched. Absolutely not, and are indeed supported by orthodox Jews as per today who claim that this was the purpose of the Torah. These stories, the creation myth (the spiritual descend)and at last the story of Moses who guided the israelties from the land of boundary (Egypt – where our lord according to the Revelation was crucified (yeah,,,symbolically correct)) ) into the “land” of God, (Almost the same role Christ has in the Revelation guiding the souls back to the origin, and the new Jerusalem,,,,no wonder he was for some the “new Moses”)

    Yeah,,,,these stories work fine for me to understand their belief of the spiritual descend and accend. Some of them could even have historical elements in them, but I don’t think that was the primary purpose.

    Kjell Tidslevold

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