Interested in the “rapture”? Want to be sure you’re not “left behind” when the Antichrist arises and all hell breaks out on earth?   Then come to my lecture:  April 15, 3:00 pm:   “Will You Be Left Behind? A History of The Rapture”  Check it out here.   Will You Be Left Behind? » Powered by ThriveCart

If you don’t know about the rapture, this is the lecture for you.  It’s believed by many millions of Christians in our world.   If you do know about the rapture, this lecture is even more for you.  I bet you don’t know where the idea came from!  (Well, some of you maybe might.)

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Here’s what I say about the course on the site:

In 1973 I became convinced the world would end within the next 15 years.

Why? Because the Bible said so. I believed Jesus would return and snatch his followers out of the world at the “rapture.” After that, the world would experience a series of unparalleled and horrible disasters (the “Tribulation”), the Antichrist would arise, and all hell would break out – until the end when God destroyed the planet and everyone on it.

Only those who were “saved” would escape the turmoil. The multitudes “left behind” would suffer incomprehensible torment. None of us wanted to be left behind!

It didn’t happen by 1988, but many millions of people still think it will happen soon. 

The signs are now being fulfilled. The end is near…

In this lecture I will show you that none of this is in the Bible.   AND I’ll explain what damage has been done to and by those who believe the end is almost here.  AND I’ll explain where the idea came from.

Hope you can come.