The Bart Ehrman Blog: The History & Literature of Early Christianity provides Bart’s insights and opinions on important issues related to the New Testament and early Christianity. Bart discusses his books and public debates, responds to criticisms from other scholars, and answers questions raised by readers. The public forum on this site is available to all interested readers. The membership site provides substantially more content for those willing to join. Bart has started this site as way of raising money to combat hunger and homelessness. ALL proceeds from the site go to charity! (Bart doesn’t keep one thin dime).

Bart’s Thoughts & Ideas

The ever-growing public forum is filled with Bart’s ideas and thoughts about issues directly relevant to the study of the New Testament and early Christianity. Members who join His not-for-profit foundation blog will be given greater access to Bart’s deeper ideas and thoughts.

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Bart Answers His Readers

For members of his not-for-profit blog, Bart addresses questions and concerns presented, in two forums. For these postings, Bart will choose several questions to comment on from his voluminous email correspondence, while in consideration keeping the questioner’s identity anonymous.

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Bart Responds to Critics

Bart’s writings have generated enormous response from critical readers who object to his various views. Some of these critics have published books taking alternative stands while others use the Internet. Members will read for the first time, how Bart responds to these critics.

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Bart Revisits Debates

Bart has had the privilege of debating prominent authors, church leaders, professors, theologians and apologists. Members who subscribe to the blog will be given access to postings that continue the debates, as Bart explains the positions he has taken.

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  • In "Forged", Bart takes the next step in arguing that there is deliberate fraud going on in the canon, deceitful practices undertaken to convince or bamboozle some audience into believing something, on the basis of the authority of some apostle or original disciple, who in fact did not write the book in question.–Ben Witherington

  • While Ehrman's provocative thesis in his book "Jesus: Apocalyptic Prophet of the New Millennium" will stir up controversy among scholars, his warm, inviting prose style and his easy-to-read historical and critical overviews make this the single best introduction to the study of the historical Jesus.–Publishers Weekly

  • "Jesus, Interrupted" is a special book. It is not a rant, nor a screed. It is a careful, scholarly, and considerate review of what is either known, or reasonably conjectured, about the amazing book called the Bible. If this biblical authenticity is of interest you - Jesus Interrupted is a must read.–Daniel Murphy

  • Ehrman, a prolific and popular author, has put his journey into words in a new book "God’s Problem. ...Ehrman actually ends "God’s Problem" on an upbeat note, a kind of call to arms for people to be good -- to themselves and to others...–San Diego Tribune

  • Ehrman and Plese have done a great service to students of ancient Christian texts and languages. This volume [The Apocryphal Gospels] is sure to be enthusiastically received into both personal libraries and university syllabi.–Library Journal