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Bart’s writings have generated enormous response from critical readers who object to one or another of his views. Some of these critics have published books taking alternative stands; a large number have attacked Bart on the Internet. Members to this site will see, for the first time, in the category “Bart Responds To Critics”. The public forum contains “Bart’s Thoughts and Ideas” discussing issues directly relevant to the study of the New Testament and early Christianity. Members who join the site will be given fuller access to Bart’s deeper ideas and thoughts.Over the years, Bart has had the privilege of debating with prominent public figures, such as authors, church leaders, professors, theologians and well known apologists.

Ehrman Blog PodcastMembers who subscribe to the blog will be given access to “Bart Revisits Debates” that continue the debates, as Bart expands and explains the positions he has taken. In the category “Bart Answers His Readers” Bart addresses questions and concerns presented, in two forums. First, all members may ask Bart questions that he will try to answer. Second, Bart will choose several questions to comment on from his voluminous email correspondence, while keeping the questioner’s identity anonymous.


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