Was Jesus a Myth or a Historical Figure? Robert Price and I Debate This Very Interesting Question

Bob Price is one of the best-known Mythicists on the planet.

Mythicists believe Jesus of Nazareth wasn’t a historical figure and he was made up by early Christians. Robert has a Ph.D. in New Testament or Early Christian studies, and this topic is his passion.

While experts across the globe pretty much agree Jesus did indeed live, there are those that buck that basic consensus.

So, I set out the best evidence for why it’s virtually certain that there really was a Jesus of Nazareth.

This debate was a little different. Bob and I were each given time for a 30-minute speech and we had not seen each other’s speech in advance. Then we were provided with three 10-minute alternating question periods to drill down our positions and finally we fielded questions from the audience for an hour.

Bob is a good guy and so are the organizers, so I agreed to represent expert opinion in this debate.


The Lecture (Plus Additional Resources While You Watch)

I hope you enjoy this very different debate.

As you watch there may be topics raised you want to explore in greater detail.  So, below the video I am providing timestamps where I discuss some of this information on my blog.

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