Find Out How Jesus Became God – UCC Part 1 of 3

The lecture you are about to see is the first of three that took place in Coral Gables Florida in connection with my book, How Jesus Became God.

Reverend Megan Smith opened each of these sessions for the local parishioners and pastoral staff at Coral Gables Congregational Church. It’s really enjoyable to give these talks to adults who are interested in the subject matter as I am not limited by time constraints or attention spans!

In this lecture I address:

The general public’s understanding of the New Testament, Jesus and his role according to historians, Jesus’ Apocalyptic teachings, and whether or not he saw himself as God.

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The Lecture (Plus Additional Resources While You Watch)

I truly hope you enjoy the first in my series of three lectures for Coral Gables Congregational Church.

As you watch, there may be information you find interesting and want to explore further.  Below the video, I’ve provided timestamps where I discuss each topic as well as links for further reading.

Supplemental information to the main lecture:

Question & Answer Session

Questions and Answers

Q: Where was this lecture held and how did it come about?

On January 29-31, 2016, I gave three separate talks on how Jesus became God at Coral Gables Congregational Church in Coral Gables, Florida. Rev. Megan Smith opened each of my sessions for the local parishioners and pastoral staff.

Q: Why do you think this video has so many views?

At nearly half a million views, you can see there is a great deal of interest in how Jesus became God. I think this is a subject that appeals to agnostics, atheists and Christians alike because of the historical foundation of the information.

Q: You mentioned you give your students at UNC a pop quiz on their first day, knowing it’s likely they will fail. Why do you do this? 

History matters and unfortunately many Christians don’t really understand key details of the gospels and Jesus’ life. I want to hit that point home on the first day. The quiz isn’t just a quiz it’s a lesson in and of itself. Hey, the fact that I only had to buy one dinner that year (the prize for getting 100% of the answers correct) says everything.