An Insider’s Perspective on My #1 Most Watched Video Ever

The lecture you are about see was based on my book, Misquoting Jesus — by far the best-selling book I’ve written, just as the video is by far my most watched, with over 1.2 million views on Youtube.

Here is the question:  Do we have the original New Testament?  That is, do we know what the authors (whether inspired or not) actually wrote?   Almost everyone has always assumed we do – whether Bible-believing Christians or committed atheists or anything in between.

But do we?

I am not asking whether the words of the Bible were inspired by God; I am asking whether we know what the words originally were?  It turns out that in many instances, the answer is no.

Yup, that would matter.  In this lecture I explain this surprising situation.

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The Lecture (Plus Additional Resources While You Watch)

I hope you enjoy the talk.

As you watch, there may be information you find interesting and want to explore further.  Below the video, I’ve provided timestamps where I discuss each topic as well as links to further reading on the topic.

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