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The money received for your membership all goes to charities dealing with hunger and homelessness – every dime.  None of it is used for marketing or technology support.  So too do all donations.   Please note that providing a donation does not automatically confer membership in the blog (you still need to sign up and pay a membership fee; the same is true of renewals.)

Please Take Time to Read This!  A few users have contacted Bart about not receiving a password after payment. Please be assured, the membership system does automatically generate and transmit a password instantly. In a couple cases, a misspelled email has been the cause of delivery error. More commonly, the email containing the missing password has been delivered to the users “Junk Folder”; sometimes a user has a white list filter active to block spam, and have not looked for the email in their spam queue. Another problem intermittently encountered is access delay.  Sometimes there is a 15 to 30 minute delay before PayPal transmits the details for blog access, affecting both renewals and new account payments.

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NOTICE: This module is not currently working . Please check back in a couple days. Click on the Paypal Pro logo above, to submit payment by Credit Card.  Paypal Paypal Pro is for anyone who prefers using a credit card without a Paypal account. The credit card information is processed via PayPal’s 256-bit encrypted gateway. Paypal Standard is for users with an active Paypal account and is the preferred method.

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