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Homosexuality in the Bible (and the Christian Church)

Here is a pressing question I was asked about a month ago, involving homosexuality and the Christian church.  Since the question was asked, as you know (if you follow the news!), the Methodist Church has made its decision. I decided to ask a real expert to deal with the question, my friend Jeff Siker, PhD in New Testament who has just retired from a 30+ year career teaching biblical studies at Loyola Marymount, and who has edited two books that address Christian views of homosexuality, the one he mentions below in his answer (1994) and a more recent reference work, Encyclopedia of Homosexuality and Religion (2006). When it comes to this topic, he’s heard it all and is massively informed.  These two posts, of course, represent simply a condensation of the relevant information and his views about them. Jeff has served as a guest poster twice on the blog before, and both times graciously answered questions and responded to comments.  I’m not sure if he will be able to do so (I asked him just [...]

University Professors and their Research

As some of you know, a couple of years ago I decided to slow down on my research and writing.  I was feeling burned out and wondering what the point was.  Do I really need to keep writing more books?  Why not read more novels, cook more, take more walks, get in more work outs, watch more football/basketball/tennis/golf, and on and on?    So I did.    It lasted about four months. As it turns out, I am indeed doing all these other things more than I was.  But I’ve also cranked up (rather than down) the research and writing.  How is that possible?  Because I’m on academic leave this year (at UNC, for some historical reasons we don’t call these “sabbaticals”).   Batteries are getting recharged, I’m having a great time, and doing tons of research/writing on a number of projects, enough to make my head spin at times.  But all in a good way.  It’s been fantastic. And I was thinking this morning that it might be interesting for me to lay out on the blog [...]

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