My high school debate colleague (who later became a national debate champion as a sophomore in college…) used to always say:  “Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.”  Boy did he ever get that right.  Here’s another post connected with the Quran.  The post is NOT dealing with anything at all negative with Islam or the Quran itself.  It’s about horrible arguments that people make about it.  They are right down there on the ridiculousness-scale as those fundamentalists sometimes make about Christianity and the New Testament.  As I point out in this republished post from years ago.


I’m always puzzled about why smart people make (and believe) such stupid arguments.  We see this all the time, of course, in political discourse and family disagreements, not to mention department meetings, but since my field is religious studies I hear it the most in connection with the great religions of the world.  Actually, I guess I find it less puzzling than aggravating.

A lot of conservative Christians

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