A Hiatus in the Thread: Editorial Duties!

This is simply a short post to say that even though I’ve just started on my thread on the burial of Jesus, I need to take a two-day hiatus (yesterday and today).    Yesterday was completely blocked out because I had to go to Leiden, in the Netherlands, for an editorial board meeting.   I’m staying in London for the summer – my wife Sarah is teaching her six-week Duke-in-London theater program (the students discuss a play – after reading it and writing something on it – every morning, and then that evening they actually go to see it on the London stage; about 30 plays altogether; it’s a *fantastic* program, and Sarah is completely energized by it); getting to Leiden from here is remarkably easy.  It’s about an hour by air to Amsterdam from Gatwick airport, and then a short train ride into central Leiden. Leiden is a great city, and I really need to spend some time exploring it some time.  It is filled with gorgeous canals, there are old parts of the city, and [...]