How To Make Greek Numbers (!)

QUESTION: Listening to your Great Courses lesson on Greatest Controversies: you say Alpha and Omega adds up to 801. How? Your lessons also refer to the meaning of 666, etc. Could you post something sometime about how the Greek alphabet was used numerically? I get Alpha as 1, but Omega as 800? Some lessons on Biblical numerology would be interesting.   RESPONSE Ah, good question!  And the answer is not one that is widely known.  So it works like this. In English, we have different alphabetic and numerical systems.  That is to say, we use the roman alphabet (a b c d… etc.) but arabic numerals (1 2 3 4 … etc.).   Sometimes we use roman numerals (LXIV; CVII; etc.), but only in rare instances when we’re trying to confuse one another. Most ancient languages... THE REST OF THIS POST IS FOR MEMBERS ONLY.  If you don't belong yet -- GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!! Most ancient languages did not have a separate alphabetic and numerical system.  They used the letters of the alphabet for their [...]