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Discovery of the Nag Hammadi Library and Some Crucial Missing Parts!

I have been making two-posts-a-day, giving the new “boxes” that I’ve written for the seventh edition of my textbook, The New Testament: A Historical Introduction to the Early Christian Writings.  Today, as it turns out, the two boxes I was going to post are both about the Nag Hammadi Library (the so-called “Gnostic Gospels”).  So I’ll simply include both of them in this one post.  Happy reading!


Another Glimpse Into the Past

11.6 The Discovery of the Nag Hammadi Library

The chance discovery of a cache of ancient Christian documents in a remote part of Upper Egypt — the Nag Hammadi library — is a story of serendipity, ineptitude, secrecy, ignorance, scholarly brilliance, murder, and blood revenge.  Even now, after scholars have spent years trying to piece it all together, details of the find remain sketchy.

We do know that it occurred around …

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A Very Perplexing Question
Talking Dogs and Resurrected Slaves



  1. Avatar
    RonaldTaska  October 30, 2018

    Really fascinating!

  2. Avatar
    fishician  October 30, 2018

    Which do you think is more likely: Mary Magdalene was a minor player but happened to be associated with the crucifixion/resurrection story so she got mentioned, or she was a major player but was mostly written out of the story because of jealousy, as suggested in the Gospel of Philip? (Or neither?)

  3. Avatar
    doug  October 31, 2018

    After word of the Nag Hammadi library discovery got out, did lots of researchers go to that area to look for more discoveries? Did anyone find anything else in that area?

  4. Avatar
    Bewilderbeast  November 19, 2018

    Oh boy, don’t start a “fill in the gaps” competition!
    ” . . and used to kiss her often on the [small gap!!].”
    For the record my guess would be . . . “garden bench”.

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