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Last Minute Christmas Presents!!

I’m desperately searching for the final small but precious present for my beloved Sarah.  Today’s the day!  And it occurred to me: maybe you’re in the same boat.  What’s that final coup de grace?

Here’s an idea.  Why not give that loved one, or even friendly acquaintance — family member, friend, neighbor, co-worker, mail delivery person, dentist, vet, kid’s teacher, whomever! — a GIFT SUBSCRIPTION to the BART EHRMAN BLOG?  Surely you know someone who could benefit/would enjoy a free year access to the blog.  Giving a gift subscription is dead easy, unusual, and sure to be an unexpected hit.  So why not?

All you need to do is go to the homepage of the blog and hit the brightly lit: Gift Subscription tab, and go from there.  Easy-shmeesy and such a nice gift!

I hope all is sane and even happy going into the end of the season.  Happy wishes to all!

Christmas Reflection 2018
Seriously. How Many People in Antiquity Could Write?



  1. Avatar
    rivercrowman  December 22, 2018

    Let us know what you bought your wife Sara. … Just kidding.

    • Bart
      Bart  December 23, 2018

      Luckily she’s not big on diamonds….

      • Avatar
        rivercrowman  December 23, 2018

        Ha! Don’t get her a modern can opener or tape recorder! … I may have lost a girlfriend with those decisions.

      • Avatar
        Judith  December 30, 2018

        Elsa Peretti’s full heart pendant comes in every price range, is abstract enough not to be obvious, rests in the hollow of the neck, comes in one of those blue boxes and we recipients can assume the ultimate!

  2. Avatar
    caesar  December 23, 2018

    Are you giving Sarah a gift subscription to your blog? I bet she’d never forget 2018 Christmas 2018.

  3. Avatar
    jeffmd90  December 23, 2018

    So Bart, do you agree with the sentiment expressed by Jesus in the Gospel of Luke that “it is better to give than to receive?” 😉

    • Bart
      Bart  December 24, 2018

      Yes indeed!

      • Avatar
        jeffmd90  December 24, 2018

        Except he didn’t say it in any of the NT Gospels. It was mentioned by Paul in Acts 20.

  4. Avatar
    rcoppock  December 24, 2018

    I gave myself a subscription to your blog. Looking forward to it!

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