I’m desperately searching for the final small but precious present for my beloved Sarah.  Today’s the day!  And it occurred to me: maybe you’re in the same boat.  What’s that final coup de grace?

Here’s an idea.  Why not give that loved one, or even friendly acquaintance — family member, friend, neighbor, co-worker, mail delivery person, dentist, vet, kid’s teacher, whomever! — a GIFT SUBSCRIPTION to the BART EHRMAN BLOG?  Surely you know someone who could benefit/would enjoy a free year access to the blog.  Giving a gift subscription is dead easy, unusual, and sure to be an unexpected hit.  So why not?

All you need to do is go to the homepage of the blog and hit the brightly lit: Gift Subscription tab, and go from there.  Easy-shmeesy and such a nice gift!

I hope all is sane and even happy going into the end of the season.  Happy wishes to all!