Thanks to all for your feedback on my “Christmas Longings” (yesterday’s post). It was/is interesting indeed to see the enormous range of reactions. I’ve not seen anything like that for any other post over the blog’s nine-months of existence. I will not respond at any great length to any of them here – or even make comments on all of them in the comment section – though I will respond there to a few of them that seem to me to require comment. But I appreciate all the feedback, one way or the other.

After this short post, I will get back to the business at hand: Christianity in Antiquity (I’m working on an English edition of the Other Gospels just now, and have some things I want to post about it, starting tomorrow).

But by way of shorthand, in brief response to the responses, I can say the following. For those who have wondered: No, I am not planning on going back to church regularly or to become a Christian. Don’t see how I could, even if I wanted to. No, I do not have anything against pubs or those who go to them (I’ve been to hundreds of pubs and bars during the past six years when I was in church once!); and I don’t have a problem with anyone, like me, who imbibes more than their fair share of alcoholic refreshment. No, I don’t think I’m still a fundamentalist or a recovering fundamentalist (as you may know, I’m notorious for my fierce opposition to all things fundamentalist, and talking about the value of the “myth” of Christianity is a far cry from anything fundamental….).

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