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Our Fifth Year Anniversary!

Today is a huge day for us: the fifth anniversary of the blog!  Hard to believe.  But we’ve come through five years.  And it’s been one busy lustrum. I just added up some numbers.   Here they are. Since April 3, 2012: I have made 1462 posts. That comes to 5.6 per week.  I have not missed a week so far in the entire stretch.  To my *knowledge* (I may be wrong about this, and given the sharp readers we have, I’m sure someone will let me know in no uncertain terms if I am; but to my knowledge…, I have not missed doing at least 5 posts a week yet.  Again, maybe I have!) Most of the posts are slightly more than 1000 words (some a lot more). That means I have written about 1.5 million words for the blog.    THAT seems like a lot. There have been 49,284 comments read and approved for the blog. That is 190 per week, for five years. Many of the comments have asked questions, and I have [...]

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Why Don’t I Call Myself a Christian? Mailbag: October 8, 2016

I’ve decided to address two personal questions in this week’s Readers’ Mailbag, one about why I don’t want to call myself a Christian and the other about where the idea for this blog came from.  If you have questions you would like me to address, either personal or dealing with anything having to do with the NT and the history of early Christianity, just make a comment on any post and ask them!   QUESTION: I find it interesting that you and Lüdemann each create an extremely narrow rule separating Christians from non-Christians and then use it to exclude yourselves from Christianity. It is almost as if you somehow intuitively sense that you should not define yourself as being within Christianity, so you take up a narrow rule that “all Christians must believe in physical resurrection” or whatever, so you can declare that you are not a Christian. Not being a Christian is the goal, and making up a rule is the means. What do you think? Faced with similar dissonance, some others find a [...]

A Milestone for the Blog

I am very pleased to be able to announce a milestone that we have all reached for the Bart Ehrman Blog.    As of this week, we have surpassed the $100,000 mark in funds raised.   This is a great moment for us.   It has taken us only two years and a few days. As probably all of you know, the blog was originally conceived, designed, and begun as a way to raise money for charities dealing with hunger and homelessness.   Every penny raised from the membership fees and donations go directly to the four charities that the Bart Ehrman Foundation supports (I’ll say something about the four in a moment).   I myself pay all the administrative costs of the blog as part of my contribution.   My technology and media assistant, Steven Ray of Innovative Design, who designed and setup my website, blog and YouTube channel, keeps the show running  -- it would be literally and completely impossible without him -- and he often provides me with a serious discount for his services as part of his contribution.   Together, [...]

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