Modern Visions of Jesus

The disciples were not, of course, the only ones who had visions of Jesus after he died.  People continued to see Jesus alive afterwards.  And in fact, he continues to appear in modern times.   Here are a couple of interesting examples taken from the draft of ch. 5 of my book, How Jesus Became God: ************************************************************************************************************************ And consider the modern appearances of Jesus.   Some of these are documented by Phillip H. Wiebe, in his book Visions of Jesus: Direct Encounters from the New Testament to Today.  I should stress that Wiebe is not a religious fanatic on a mission.  He is chair of the Philosophy Department at Trinity Western University, which is to be sure, a Christian school, but it is not a place for wackos.  And Wiebe is a serious scholar.  His book is published by Oxford University Press.   Still, at the end of the day, he thinks that something “transcendent” has led to some of the modern visions of Jesus that he recounts.  In other words, they – or some of them – [...]