The Temptation Narrative Missing from John

In my previous post I started to discuss the hypothetical Signs Source that some scholars have claimed lay behind the accounts of Jesus’ miracles in the Gospel of John – one of the now lost documents of early Christianity (assuming it once existed) that I very much wish could be discovered.   Before giving evidence that there was some such written source, I started in the last post by discussing the distinctive view of Jesus’ spectacular deeds in the Fourth Gospel, where they are called “signs” rather than “miracles.” In that post I argued that John has a completely different view of these deeds from that found in Matthew, Mark, and Luke.  In these Synoptics Jesus refuses to do miracles in order to prove his identity.  When he is asked to do so, he indicates that “no sign will be given to this generation” – apart from the sign of Jonah.  Not so in John.   Jesus does signs.  They are designed to make people believe who he is (4:54).   And the Gospel writer himself indicates that [...]