In my earlier posts I started to show the early Christians believed that because they were living at the very end of time.  This was an interim period between the time when the resurrection of the dead began with Jesus being raised and was soon to culminate with the general resurrection, in which all who had ever died would be brought back to life  to face judgment.  Most important for our purposes here, these Christians thought God had sent the Spirit upon them in fulfillment of the prophecies of Scripture, especially Joel 2.

The Spirit was both the sign of the end of time and a helper for those living in it.  Since now God was closer to his people than ever, arguably since the Garden of Eden (as the End was beginning to be more like the Beginning), he communicated with them directly, as he had once upon a time.  Now was the time that he gave dreams, visions, and prophesies directly to people, not just isolated prophets, in order to convey to them his will.

That is the point made in the book of Acts with the account of the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2).  And it is made even more emphatically in a much earlier Christian writing, Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians.

Almost anyone who reads 1 Corinthians carefully comes away thinking that the church in Corinth was seriously messed up.  Many of the members of the church

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