As we are all keenly aware:  ‘Tis the Season to be giving!  For many of us, in terms of giving at least, mid December is the best of times and the worst of times.   It is best because we can show our love and gratitude to those close to us by choosing things to give them during the holidays; it is the worst because the commercialism that overwhelms our world often makes it such an obligatory drudgery.  It would be so nice if we could just freely give to those we love without worrying about what and how much, and just be joyfully generous.  But, of course, we are humans and even giving a gift can be fraught with complications.  And this time of year often is.

There is also a less humane and uplifting reason for giving just now, a rather cold and hard one that any of us who pays taxes knows full well.   We’re near the end of the year.  Ugh.  On the other hand, I think most of us would agree, this is a VERY good year to be near the end of.  I, for one, will be unbelievably glad to see *this* one behind us.  But there are those taxes.

So: the best of times and the worst of times!

We have had an exceptionally good year on the blog, despite the realities all around us.  And we would like to head into this final holiday season and the end of the year on a high note.  Have you appreciated what you’ve gotten from the blog this year?  Have you found it useful?  Informative?  Thought-provoking?   There aren’t too many places on the Internet or anywhere that you can get this kind of information and reflection.   Would you consider making a holiday season donation?

All donations go to the charities we support, which you can see here:   They are all worthy, all dealing with those in need.  Whatever you pay in your membership fee and whatever you donate on top of that, every penny goes directly to these charities.   The donations, of course, are completely tax deductible.   If you prefer, you can designate one of the charities for your donation.  We want to support all of them, and if there is one you are particularly invested in, we will put your investment there.  If you want to spread it around, that is what we typically do.  When it comes to helping those in need, we are oh, so flexible.

Please consider making a contribution.  Speaking personally, I began this blog and have been doing it every week for going on nine years now for two main reasons: (1) to help those who are interested in the New Testament and earliest Christianity learn what we can know about it, based on the scholarship that dedicated professionals have undertaken for years, but put in lay person’s terms, and (2) to raise money for charity.  It is the charity more than anything that drives me.

I’d love to end this crummy year on a high note.  So if you are at all inclined, please think about donating.  Just go to the blog site, go to the bottom of the page, and choose either the PayPal or Stripe option.

Many, many thanks.  And all best wishes as we head into the heart of the season.  I hope it really will be the best of times for you.