Would you like to read my forthcoming book Heaven and Hell: A History of the Afterlife prior to publication (it will be released two months from now!)?  I have three galley proofs that I would like to give away – not to the highest bidder (as in the last fund-raising venture) but to three randomly-chosen winners based on tickets sold at a very affordable price.

These are complete, pre-publication copies of the book, in paperback, less expensively produced, but exactly as it will appear in print, except for a few typos here and there that came to be corrected later.  This is the form of the book as it was sent off to review journals, book sellers, and book stores – all of whom want, naturally, to know if the book is any good before they purchase stocks or recommend others to do so.

My publisher has given me permission to release these three to the public as a fund-raiser for the blog.   I will personally sign it to each of the winners and then mail it.  Would you like one of them?   Buy a ticket!

Here’s how it will work.  You can purchase up to five tickets (but no more) as follows:

One Ticket:  $10

Three Tickets: $15

Five tickets:  $20

You can purchase tickets until midnight, February 8.

We have rather specific instructions for how to purchase the tickets.  We need this to be done in the same way, every time, by everyone, to make it sure we can process the purchases, keep it fair, and make a random selection – all without physical tickets (unlike what happened in the days of our youth).  Here are the steps you need to take:

  • To buy one or more tickets, you need to make a donation of the required amount on the blog. Go to the home page (https://ehrmanblog.org/) and click donate and go from there.
  • When you have entered the amount and the payment details, and the donation has been registered, you will see a screen that says “You’ve Donated $xxx to the Bart Ehrman Foundation.” MAKE A COPY OF THAT SCREEN.  On a PC, all you need to do is hit “Print Screen” on your key board (on mine it’s a button that says PrtSc).   That saves it.  On a Mac hit shift-command-3:
  • THEN, send us the copy as follows:
    1. Send an email to the following address (no other! And not as a comment here on the blog):[email protected]
    2. IN THE SUBJECT LINE simply say Raffle: x tickets. (So:  Raffle: one ticket; Raffle: three tickets; or Raffle: five tickets).
    3. In the message itself, copy the receipt (that way we’ll know you made the purchase). If you’ve used a PC to to save the message (by hitting PrintScreen) you copy it into your email simply by hitting Control-V.   On a Mac, hit Shift-Command-4.   No need to include a note to accompany the receipt.
  • Send the message.


Once we have your email, we will enter you into the raffle, with one, three, or five tickets.   When the purchase period is up, we will notify the lucky winners (and announce that we have done so), and I’ll send out the books.

If you have any problems understanding the directions, or have problems either with making the donation or with getting the email off to us, let me know privately at [email protected] and we’ll figure it out for you.

I hope you can get in on the raffle!   Wishing you tons of luck!