Yesterday I posted an old final exam for my course Introduction to the New Testament.  And for your amusement, here is an exam for my course that I taught this semester, called the Birth of Christianity, which covered the developments within Christianity after the New Testament up through the conversion of Constantine.

See how you do!  And again, I wish I could grade your answers, but, alas….



The Birth of Christianity, Reli 208

Final Exam


This is exam is in three sections; you have three hours to complete it.  We suggest you spend no more than an hour on each section.

Section One:  Short Identification.  Write short answers up to 50 words on ten (and no more than ten) of the following.  Make your answers as detailed and informative as you can.

  1. Ebionites
  2. The Gospel of Peter
  3. Arius
  4. Apologists
  5. Theodosius I
  6. Tertullian
  7. The Great Persecution
  8. Thecla
  9. Donatism
  10. Asceticism
  11. Incarnation Christology
  12. Infancy Gospel of Thomas



Section Two:   First Essay.  Write an essay on the following topic.  Make it as detailed and informative as you can.

What can we know about the conversion of the emperor Constantine?  What are our sources of information?  How can we determine if it was a “genuine” conversion?  What difference did it make to the success of the Christian mission?


Section Three:   Second Essay.  Write an essay on the following topic.  Make it as detailed and informative as you can.

Choose one of the following texts and describe it in as much detail as you can:

    1. The Coptic Gospel of Thomas
    2. The Proto-Gospel of James
    3. The Gospel of Mary
    4. The Coptic Apocalypse of Peter

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