Soon after Jesus’ death, his disciples claimed that he was God.

What did they mean by that?  Did they think he was God *before* he died, during his public ministry?   Did they think he had always been God?  Did they think he Was he the One and Only God, Yahweh?

More important still:  Did Jesus himself think he was God?   To find an answer, we have to explore two issues:  does Jesus actually ever call himself God in the Gospels, or give any other indication that he thought he was God?  If so, given the problems with the Gospels — can we know if they are accurate on this point?  Can we show what the historical figure of Jesus actually said about himself?

These are terrifically important questions.   Traditional Christianity, as it has come down over all the centuries, has always claimed Jesus himself is a divine being.  Did that teaching start with Jesus himself?

Announcing a Webinar on the Topic!

I will be doing a webinar on the topic on Sunday, November 7.  I NEED TO EMPHASIZE:  This webinar is not connected to the blog, and will not be raising funds for its charities.   It is my own thing.  I am announcing it here only because you as a blog member may want to come and some of you would be a bit cheesed off if I held an event you might be interested in without letting you know.

So now you do!   I’ve titled the webinar “Did Jesus Call Himself God?  A Closer Look at the Evidence.”

The webinar will be about 90 minutes long including Q&A.  As a bonus for signing up, you’ll also get lifetime access to a recording of the video.

Below, I’ll post a video and links where you can learn more.  To register, click the link at the bottom.  And if you have any questions, feel free to ask them here on the blog.’



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I hope to see you there!