Many apologies to all for the hiatus on the blog.  I wish I had a sob-story to tell to justify it (well, not really), but as I indicated yesterday, it was rather a bit of good fortune with a downside.  Every year for nineteen years now my wife Sarah and I have come to the beach with our friend Dale Martin, the New Testament scholar who introduced us just six years before that (he taught at the time at Duke; he moved on to Yale; he just retired this past year).

We are very boring at the beach.  We rent the same house (right on the beach; we often see dolphins from the deck).  We all bring our books and work all day (I get up at 6:30 and have at it!), then take a five mile walk on the beach; come home to do drinks and dinner; go to bed, and repeat every day for two weeks.

For us it’s fantastic.  We all get tons done.  No distractions.  No departmental or student obligations or worries.  Good exercise.  Good food.  Good drink.  Good companionship.  Long talks over dinner.  Hours on end to do our research.  How good can it get?

This year, though, the wi-fi was down.  Now on our fourth day, it’s up again.  So I’m back to the blog.  Enjoy!